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Alaynas Home has launched a new service which we are so excited about and I think you will be too. We now offer our customers the opportunity to create custom hardware for all their DIY and house renovation needs.

A little thing like a handle or knob can completely transform a space and take it your space to the next level.

The process is so simple and our products are made to the highest standard, our customers can vouch for this.

All it takes is 3 easy steps:

 1) Style and Design

What design are you looking for, do you want a long handle, a small t-bar, a knob, a arch shaped handle or perhaps even a hexagonal knob. Whatever it is that you have envisioned let us know, show us some inspiration pictures and we can build on your vision from that.

2) Material and Finish

Now that we know what design you are looking for lets look at the material; our specialties are brass, leather and marble but this doesn't mean we cannot source other materials.

Next is the finish; do you want the brass pieces to be polished, antique, brushed or knurled, or perhaps you want it coated in black lacquer or a stainless steel finish.


Our customers have mixed materials so often go for brass with leather inserts or brass with shell or even brass with wood.

 3) Measurements

Last but not least are the sizes, once we know what style and design you want - we can work out what sizes you need in the handles of your dreams.


To get in touch for a quote, you can use the contact form here or email us on

We do offer discounts for bulk orders or large projects, just get in touch, no matter how big or small your questions are , we would be happy to help!



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